Paul Copan

Paul Copan
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Tutkimusalue uskonnonfilosofia, tietoteoria, etiikka, teologia/raamatuntutkimus1
Instituutti Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, Florida); Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall; Georgia Perimeter College; Bethel Seminary; Ravi Zacharias International Ministries; Alliance Theological Seminary; Trinity Evangelical Divinity School/Trinity International University; First Presbyterian Church1
Saavutukset Väitöskirjan aihe: “The Moral Dimensions of Michael Martin’s Atheology: A Critical Assessment”

Paul Copan on filosofian ja etiikan professori Palm Beach Atlantic Universityssä.


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» Electronic version available through Olive Tree Software (January 2007).

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» Korean translation. Contracted in March 2009.

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  • Is God a Moral Monster? The New Atheists and the Strange World of Old Testament Ethics. Forthcoming, Baker, Fall 2010.

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  • Translation into Korean (contracted November 2003).
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